How It Works

BAR IV Log Homes Consulting takes on clients in all stages of the log home designing and buying process. Whether it’s the day they decide to pursue a log home and don’t know where to begin or any other stage of the custom home process, they’ll benefit from working with a log home consultant.

BAR IV works with the client to create a complete picture of their goals and abilities, then gets to work on the research, compiling a list of vetted companies that can successfully fulfill the client’s desires based on location, log size, budget, and many other design details. After that, BAR IV can streamline the proposal process for the client, providing insightful and objective side-by-side comparisons as to what the actual overall cost will be in the end–not just who has the lowest price now.  Finally, BAR IV can handle the final negotiations and builder search, or step away and let the client take their dreams from there. 

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You get one shot. We help you get it right the first time. Our founder’s guiding principle has always been to be as specific as possible with the buyer from the very beginning, rather than risk surprise prices or processes down the road. We’ll ensure you get that same transparency from the very beginning, no matter who builds your home. 

We make the experience easy and streamlined for you. Our process saves you the frustration of sorting through confusing and contradictory information, endless sales calls, and the uncertainty of “you don’t know what you don’t know.” 

We guarantee clear communication between all parties. Our experience inside the industry means we speak the log home language, perfectly situating us to clearly communicate your desires to companies and likewise, their proposals and capabilities to you.

We protect your budget. BAR IV LHC makes your money go further. We’ll make sure you end up with a package that not only allocates your budget wisely, but comes with the highest quality craftsmanship. At every step, we make sure you know what you are really paying for so you don’t end up with surprise costs that blow your budget in the end.

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