Mission Statement

As a log home consulting firm, our mission states:

Bar IV LHC believes that individuals who dream of the log home lifestyle should have the opportunity to achieve it without fear, financial pitfalls, or frustrating sales tactics. We do this because our experience in and knowledge of the log home business makes us one of the most qualified consulting firms to champion the log home buyer. BAR IV LHC ensures clients work only with high-quality, honest companies. 

BAR IV LHC negates the risk for buyers of being left with with a substandard or unfinished home, an unplanned financial strain, or simply losing out on the log home dream entirely. BAR IV LHC clients can be assured they will end up with the log home they’ve dreamed of and that it is one they can both afford now and pass down later. 

BAR IV LHC achieves this by providing expertise and guidance through the entire process, communicating clearly to all parties, providing objective cost comparisons, and negotiating on the client’s behalf. 

Bar IV LHC works with buyers who are focused on the achievement of their custom home dreams, are dedicated to participating wholly in the process, and who have the financial ability to make their project a reality.

Bar IV LHC does not work with buyers who are not prepared to make critical decisions about their home’s design or who are unwilling to dedicate the time and energy necessary to achieve their goals and a realistic, sound home design.

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